The Ministry of science and environmental protection of Serbia in the Basic sciences research program, section Earth sciences, provides funding for the period 2006-2010 for the following astronomical and astrophysical projects:

146001 Influence of collisional processes on astrophysical plasma spectra PI Milan Dimitrijević

146002 Astrophysical spectroscopy of extragalactic objects PI Luka Č. Popović

146003 Stellar and Solar Physics PI Gojko Đurašević

146004 Dynamics of Celestial Bodies, Systems and Populations PI Zorica Cvetković

146007 Inverse Problems in Astrophysics: Interferometry and Spectrophotometry of stars PI Slobodan Jankov

146012 Gaseous and stellar components of galaxies: interaction and evolution PI Milan Ćirković

146016 Chemistry of Galactic and extragalactic molecular clouds PI Silvana Nikolić

146022 History and epistemology of the natural sciences PI